Alexis Rachel | UX

UX researcher/designer/psych-geek with a history of art direction and design, a passion for elegance in function, and a fascination with tech.

My Process

A common question—to which there isn’t necessarily a simple answer. The fact is that my UX process varies to a great degree dependent on the project. I always start with a discussion with stakeholders—determining what they see the problem or opportunity is. The next step is to talk to users, to determine their perception of these problems and/or uncover other opportunities to better meet their needs. In the end, depending on the capacity in which I am hired, my participation varies, but essentially it’s: research/analysis- design-test/analysis, repeat.

In the middle is there’s a lot of dot-connecting in the process of understanding the users via the appropriate research analysis, be it ethnographic, remote questionnaires, etc. There might be a heuristic review and usually a competitive analysis of some sort. I’ll use brainstorming and sketching to formulate and communicate use-cases, persona or jobs-to-be-done development, user journeys, sitemaps, wireframes, and sometimes prototypes and visual design mock-ups if warranted. Whatever the case may be, I start with talking to people, and pencil to paper.


Sure, sure, it’s all about the work. But just in case you wanted to know a little more about what makes me tick…

People First

My primary motivation is ensuring that the people using the product or service are achieving their goals and feeling self-efficacious in doing so. This is done within the scope of business objectives and the constraints of the technology at hand. I’m intrigued with what this means in the context of VR and Service Design and its variability of environment and external influences/stressors.

Career Path

UX research and design is where my education in psychology (peppered with computer science and fine art), the application of my characteristic empathy, and my previous career pursuits in business administration, graphic & visual design, and art direction, coalesce.

Regardless of the kind of design, I always rely on conceptualizing to evoke an action and reaction in my audience. It was this facet of design that always intrigued and inspired me and what led me to pursue an education in Psychology.


While at university, I made a point of focusing research on behavior, motivation, perception, and sensation as it applied to Human Computer Interaction—creating academic studies around it.


I enjoy offering my time and expertise to charitable organizations I care about. Currently, I do so with Cat Town Oakland in consultation on social media and web presence and Cascade SF as an event volunteer. In the recent past, I’ve volunteered at SFSPCA (UX design, graphic design, cat match-making, and photography), Community Housing Partnership (administrative support), et al.