Research, Strategy, IA, UCD/IxD

Case Study: GiaTouch Restaurant Menu CRM & CMS Web Product
Start-up, Touch Technologia (TTg), knew they needed to step up their game in order to succeed with their new app, GiaTouch Mobile. I shaped an easy-to-use interface out of a complex system and limited assets.


  • Conducted stakeholder meetings/workshops defining product objectives
  • Fleshed out detailed requirements (target users, next phase direction, etc.)


  • Established a product roadmap
  • Determined/described UX methodologies to be used to best suit TTg’s product with future objectives in mind.


  • Reviewed limited available resources including client-provided reference documents and graphic design materials
  • Created taxonomic and relational worksheet to suss out the details in a more friendly manner
  • Interviewed stakeholders, relied on personal history in the industry


  • Established user archetypes and behavioral segmentation
  • Created task lists
  • Sketched informal personae


  • Devised user journeys
  • Establish the flow of the app
  • Performed a comparative analysis of like sites


  • Sitemap
  • Workflows
  • Wireframe (iterative) sketches
  • Formalized wireframes (providing full functionality)
  • Conducted interval review meetings
  • “Friends and family” user testing with PDF prototypes


Still in production, the project has gone on to be developed and visual design has been applied with positive results. See the next phase here. The client is extremely pleased with the quality of design applied to the project with me vetting out the complete and complex functionality.

Your efforts (are) one of the specific reasons we’ve accomplished so much. We are looking forward to working together more in the future.

Kaido Whims

Founder, Touch TechnoloGia


Given the loose client requirements, I learned a great deal about strategy and process (and the importance of being flexible in its application). Furthermore, it was illuminating to receive feedback further down the process, illustrating which concepts were clear (and which were not) to future partners and team members. While working in a bubble is not ideal, I was able to rely on my background in digital project management and other roles to fully eke out and grasp a complex system with remarkably limited resources.